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The Brethren

Uploaded by tommy53565 on Dec 06, 2001

The Brethren is a book written by John Grisham. The story takes place in locations all over the United States. The main locations include Washington D.C. and a minimum security prison in Florida.

This book begins by introducing three former judges - Finn Yarber, Hatlee Beach, and Joe Roy Spicer, who are in a federal prison in Trumble. They call themselves the Brethren. The three of them place ads in gay magazines looking for a gay partner. Yarber and Beech both had aliases that they used in their letters. When someone would write to them, they would reply by saying that they were in rehab and would be getting out soon. After exchanging letters back and forth, the Brethren would collect enough information about their victim that they would ask for money. They told their victim who they really were and if they didn’t get paid, the Brethren would reveal there victim’s secret to their families. The Brethren started making thousands of dollars until they picked the wrong victim.

This book is also about an evil Russian about to blow up the world. The CIA is well aware about this man’s plans so they decide to put a President in office that will listen to them. They chose a congressman from Arizona. They had checked his background and didn’t see any problems. So Aaron Lake was chosen to be the next President. The CIA would take care of the election. Aaron ran on one platform that was to better the Defense Department. The CIA would buy the election for Aaron. And Aaron became President he would prepare the United States for war. But there is something in all of the CIA’s background checks that they didn’t see. Aaron had replied to one of the gay ads in a magazine. The CIA was keeping track of everything that Aaron did for his security and they came across the letters that Aaron and the Brethren were exchanging. The CIA decides not to tell Aaron that they know yet. In order for Aaron to become President, the CIA has to make sure that the Brethren doesn’t reveal Aaron’s little secret so they would have to put an end to the Brethren.

They locate where the letters are being sent from. So the CIA sends a private team to the mail site and setup a watch across the street. The brethren’s lawyer on the outside, who is...

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Uploaded by:   tommy53565

Date:   12/06/2001

Category:   John Grisham

Length:   4 pages (846 words)

Views:   2367

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