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The Assyrians Vs. The Persians

Uploaded by Qcom12 on Apr 27, 2005

You stand on a hill that separates time and distance from two highly advanced yet highly different civilizations. These civilizations are the Assyrians an the Persians. These people are uniquely different in their political systems, their ways of conquering and their religious beliefs. However, these differences are clear from where you stand. A closer look however; will reveal extraordinary feats and marvelous of each of the two civilizations . As you watch you wait, you wait for the clash of these civilizations which will be soon to come.

You take a look at an area of land, covered in blood, the land stretches for miles. The land is covered with bodies and the people seem to have highly advanced weapons and war engineering You are looking at the land of the Assyrians. The Assyrians, a great war like race; they conquer many lands, skinning their enemies alive, torturing any prisoners that were left. The Assyrians were successful in so many battles due to their advancement in war engineering. They invented Pontoons, bridges, ladders, battering rams, and a method of tunneling under enemy walls. The Assyrians conquered many lands and at the same time, even though they were gruesome, built an extravagant capital called Nineveh. Nineveh was built with the plunder of other demolished civilizations. They made it a work of art and, it was full of riches and works of art. It even had a library built by the Assyrians filled will all kinds of literature and novels and records of their time.

The Assyrians showed a half and half side, they conquered all their enemies, never leaving any remains, burning the cities and buildings down to the ground. “ I took , thier fighting men in numbers I slew; their spoil, their wealth, their cattle I spoiled; . . . 260 of thier warriors by the sword I smote down; their heads cut off in heaps I arranged. ( Assyrian Packet). This is a direct quote of some of the many battles that the Assyrians fought. They were gruesome people who did not believe in the preservation of their enemies. The Assyrians however were religious. They believed in many gods, yet they did have a one all might powerful god that was the god of the gods. “Assyrian religious practices and beliefs were almost identical with those of Babylonia, except that the Assyrian...

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Uploaded by:   Qcom12

Date:   04/27/2005

Category:   Ancient Greece

Length:   4 pages (994 words)

Views:   3559

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