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Ten most important people of the 20th century (as rated by the TIME Magazine)

Uploaded by tauseef on Jan 16, 2004

Tauseef Ahmed
"Ten most important people of the 20th century"

The world we see today has had a lot of changes and developments, which are contributed by some very important people. In the 20th century there were some people who helped in the development of art, music, medicine, technology, government, and peaceful resolutions. Either in a good or in a bad way these people have greatly influenced the world. Although there are more than ten people who have had the world influenced greatly, these ten have a relatively high importance than the others. However it is very hard to compare these ten people because one is as important as the other.

One of these people is Henry Ford, who was born on 1863 in Michigan, United States. Although the first motor cars were manufactured in 1890’s, they were not affordable by many Americans. In 1903 Ford developed his first motor company and designed cars that could be afforded by most Americans. Henry Ford also introduced the first assembly line and other new techniques for manufacturing cars. This effort of Ford influenced the whole lifestyle of traveling by making it much cheaper and faster.

Vladimir Ilich Lenin, who was the leader of the Bolshevik party in Russia, influenced the 20th century by his revolutionary acts in Russia. Born in 1870, Lenin and Bolsheviks started their revolutionary plans and gained control of Russia by 1917. He became the leader of the USSR when it was founded in 1922. Lenin died in 1924 but his actions had a great impact on the various systems of government around the world.
The Spanish painter who is widely known to be the most influencing artist of the 20th century is Pablo Picasso. He introduced a range of themes and styles in art during his career. Some main contributions of Picasso is his modern art movement called cubism, an artistic technique called collage, and a technique of making sculptures called assemblage. Picasso’s art had a great impact on world because he gave the world another way of expressing their feelings other than words.

One of the most powerful dictators in the 20th century was Adolf Hitler. He was born in 1889 and was held responsible for starting World War II in 1939. Hitler converted Germany into a strong military nation and built the Nazi party which he headed. He also contributed in the slaughter of millions of Jews and...

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Uploaded by:   tauseef

Date:   01/16/2004

Category:   History

Length:   5 pages (1,164 words)

Views:   2503

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Ten most important people of the 20th century (as rated by the TIME Magazine)

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