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Uploaded by Dipsetbird on Dec 13, 2007


Many people believe that the use of technology is harmful to our daily lives, while others oppose the idea that technology is harmful. Some think it makes life easier to live compared to many years ago. There are different types of technology including phones, television, cars, computers, and factory machines. Technology has a lot of impact on our lives which is helpful in certain ways and is fun to use, but sometimes has to be disregarded due to the negative effects it has on our lives.

Phones are one of the most important pieces of technologies ever invented that have become part of our lives. Without phones, it would be very difficult to send messages from one place to another or to communicate with someone. People would have to use the mailing services which would take some couple of days to reach the destination. Phones are important because they help us during emergencies. When accidents happen, phones are needed in order to call the ambulance to take the injured person to the hospital. By using the phone at that moment, the victim’s life could be saved. Phones have negative impacts on our lives. They can cause users to pay unwanted bills if misused. Sometimes we browse through the cell phones and do things out of ignorance. We are then charged extra money for doing something we weren’t sure of doing. Phones help us communicate with people easily and sometimes save our lives, but causes us troubles if misused.

Television is also another technology designed to bring us entertainment and as a medium of communication in the world. Televisions keep us company whenever we are bored. It’s also through television that news and weather are broadcasted to us so we can be aware of incidents that have happened in other places and what the weather will be like in our vicinity. With the absence of television children will be bored and might do things like trespass, fight in the streets or do drugs that will get them into trouble. They could be arrested and sent to the penitentiary, if they are caught doing one of the above. Television keeps children inside because they watch different shows which keep them entertained. Even though television keeps the children away...

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Uploaded by:   Dipsetbird

Date:   12/13/2007

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   5 pages (1,074 words)

Views:   2612

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