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Uploaded by ecem on Feb 07, 2007

I have not met a creature as complicated as humanbeings.Sometimes under the dim sun,in a heavy snowfall people flower like a snowdrop;sometimes they are like a barren soil in the tropical rainforests of South Africa.It is hard to explore their lives.You can earn money,reach your goal but can not get what you want from people.However much you want you can not swim in that rough sea.Pebbles prick your leg,the sun shining burns your skin,waves rolling in braek on your face as if they wanted to take revange on you.When your dry skin is washed with salty water you feel your immense solitude and suffering.You look at the sky as you need help.But the sun over you blinks with ýts burning red eyes in clear sky.You can not even look at it so you begin to look for another way to escape this condition.You are waiting for help for a while.Night arises among stars in that calm sea.You glance at stars as you want something again.You dream when you look at their bright small faces.You cry quitely not to be heard.You feel deep sarrow in your heart after your tears dry on your face.Then you understand you are lonely.Nothing but this immense loneliness makes you feel bad.When it is time it is hard to cry.You are scattered by a strong wind like an abondened ship sailing in the ocean.You think about your poor past.You ask one guestion:Is it worth suffering?Hoping to ease your grief you do not need to someting special because the sun never shines brightly here.What is the meaning of life for you?What are you waiting for?Or are you tracing to lies?One day dou you want to love or be loved?Or are you one of the small people running after their self-interests?If you think that it is right you are really one of the guilty people.

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Uploaded by:   ecem

Date:   02/07/2007

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   1 pages (307 words)

Views:   2189

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