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Students Should Choose Their Courses

Uploaded by silverymoon on Mar 06, 2005

Students should be allowed to include any class they want into their schedules. Students should be able to pick how they want to be taught. There are some classes that the student has to take, but they are allowed to chose their level and there are others where they can choose for their enjoyment. The reason school is great is because the students are allowed to choose the comfort level and what courses they take. The benefits of this are that students will strive to achieve in their classes where they are comfortable and the students are in classes that they want to participate in.

Students will benefit highly from being able to choose their classes. The required classes have varying levels, H, J, K, L, and M, with H for honors level and Mthe lowest. Each student has to make a choice as to which level they will be placed in. The level that they choose mostly depends on the grade the student had placed the previous year. In addition a student may not want to have a challenge and drop a level. Also the elective are chosen subjects ranging from courses such as band, and chorus to computer courses such as web design, or to home goods courses. A student can relax in these classes and have time to pursue classes that they enjoy taking. Allowing the students to have some choice helps in their learning, they decide how in-depth they want to go and they can also include an elective that they would enjoy to their schedules.

If all schools required that the students all took the same classes at the same levels, there would be no variety at all. Every student would be tossed out into the real world with nothing to make each individual unique. Each student would also be forced to compete even harder and make odds of getting their “dream job” more difficult. The reason that this would be harder is because each student was trained the same way and learned the exact same material. The bright students would not be pushed to their fullest extent and the weak students would be pushed to hard that they would be set up for failure in the long run. In addition, in society the various jobs...

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Uploaded by:   silverymoon

Date:   03/06/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   3 pages (679 words)

Views:   5071

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Students Should Choose Their Courses

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