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Steroids research paper

Uploaded by craneman86 on Dec 07, 2004

Athletics today is not the same as it was 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. As the years have past our athletic events have become more important to our society, some athletes are getting paid upwards of a millions dollars a year to do what regular athletes have been doing for years. Since the athletes are getting paid more, it normal means that the games are getting more interesting. The things that make the games more interesting are the fact that today’s athletes are going to great lengths to become faster and stronger. Why is it that our athletes are getting faster and stronger? Why didn’t the past athletes have the same capabilities as our present day athletes have? The answers to these questions are sport supplements.
Sport Supplements today play a significant role in athletics ranging from high school athletics all the way to professional athletics. “Sports supplements are products used to enhance athletic performance. They come in different forms, including vitamins, synthetics drugs, and hormones, most of which are available over the counter without prescription.” (Shannon, pg. 299) Scientists over the past few years have been making vast improvements on sport supplements; our every day athletes are using these supplements to push their bodies to the next level. Our athletes are using supplements that range from protein shakes all the way to androstenedione (andro). All of these supplements are legal at this time, or have been recently under investigation to become on the FDA ban list. You can find legal sport supplements in most health store and are sold to people of the age of 18 or older. There is a dark side to the sport supplement industry and that is anabolic steroids. These are illegal to use unless you are prescribed by your physician to use them.
In the past ten years there has been a huge uprising against certain sports supplements in a lot of sports organizations. “The NFL, NCAA, and the IOC have banned the use of steroids, creatine, ephedra, and androstenedione by their athletes.” (Shannon, pg. 300) All of these supplements have been banned for health reasons that have been studied. These organizations used their ban for the best interest of their athletes. Since most of these supplements can be found through a...

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Uploaded by:   craneman86

Date:   12/07/2004

Category:   Drugs And Alcohol

Length:   4 pages (814 words)

Views:   2420

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Steroids research paper

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