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Star Wars the Old Republic is a good game

Uploaded by 2guildwars2 on Aug 08, 2012

Electronic Arts, publisher of Star Wars the Old Republic has delivered in recent days some figures on the MMO he produces with Bioware and Lucas Arts. SWTOR has surpassed the million players two days after its official release, making it according to the EA MMO fastest growing.

Other figures were also given by the firm of Redwood, in its second press release dated December 26:

- 60 million hours of game have been played, the equivalent of six Star Wars films viewed 4 million times.

- 850 000 810 000 and Sith Warriors Jedi Knights were created.

- 260 million quests were completed

- 44 million PvP battles played

- 9 million space combat missions completed

- 3 billion of NPC killed.

If these numbers are interesting, but rather, the first one, the number of players which one will work best. The million of players is impressive, but it is still necessary that the North American troika that is behind the title could turn them into subscribers and continue to grow.
Conventionally, you can get up to six components of ranking thanks to the skills of collection crew or mission.

For schemas and components above (blue and epic quality), it will be contentious areas in hard mode or operations. Note that from the 1.2, all these components are not linked and can be found in the galactic market.
Star Wars the Old Republic is a good game that has the means to evolve, the question remains whether the high level content or succeed rerolling to keep the players in the very distant galaxy. All the ingredients together in any case that SWTOR is a playful and commercial success. Moreover, faced with a WoW accusing the seven years he displayed on the clock and given the breath of fresh air that is blowing the Old Republic, Bioware and Lucas Arts EA may be optimistic.

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Uploaded by:   2guildwars2

Date:   08/08/2012

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (302 words)

Views:   1970

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Star Wars the Old Republic is a good game

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