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Star Wars is not always true

Uploaded by 2guildwars2 on Aug 08, 2012

I shook Artifis, has done a lot of arms for the lightsabers, power tricks, crystals and other hni. Do not sell anything, even though sometimes I was the only in a particular segment (basically doing things for the "magicians" - imprisoned on Willpower Sorcerers and Sages). At the same time found objects, which I exhibited for sale, take a sufficiently active.

The reason is quite simple: manufactured crafter-middling "yellow" (normal) loot - sucks compared to what falls out of the mobs and get on quests. "Blue" items with high performance requires a lot more resources to produce, not to mention the purple and orange (they still need schemes that are not so easy to get one). The very same material is produced for very long, tedious and expensive - so I generally scored on a Treasure Hunting, and the archeology of use only when the field caught on the road. It is easier to buy raw materials on the market - there are sometimes throw a big wad of raw materials at relatively low prices. This, as I understand, in fact, the only way to fairly rapid and non-spending leveling crafting without a long dreary farm resources. But the problem is that these successful stuffing are rare, and constantly monitor the market for obvious reasons, it is impossible - it is better to spend time on leveling. A possible exception - a couple of skills, about the people who speaks very positively. This is mainly Biochemistry - Production medpakov, stimpacks, and implants. I do not know these things I never bought, because still found lacking (big disadvantage medpakov - a very long cooldown). I read the opinion that up to level 50 crafting to do at all for most professions - just a waste of time and money. Maybe so. I've fucked so far essentially only benefit from his craft: a more advanced force-focus, but it is easy to explain, "layout" good luck with loot roll.
In general, until I see this more or less adequate way of crafting:
A. Data collection through their collective skills falling at the feet of raw material (at the same time swinging the collective skill);
Two. From time to time - visiting the market in the hope of the emergence of cheap raw materials;
Three. Do not spend money on lots of different recipes - a couple of levels of this skill, they have become obsolete, choose two...

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Uploaded by:   2guildwars2

Date:   08/08/2012

Category:   Poems

Length:   2 pages (540 words)

Views:   1989

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Star Wars is not always true

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