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Star Wars

Uploaded by timmyboy17 on Feb 01, 2000

People are always looking for a good way to escape the pangs of work. Since work is so important in society today that it is almost impossible to avoid doing work without having to pay the price in the future. The perfect escape would be one that alleviates the strain of work yet does not incur any future expenses. Many people have found science fiction novels and movies to be great escape mechanisms. Science fiction is such a perfect escape for many people because it allows its audience to vicariously experience the joy of future technology – technology that promises less work and much more play, at no cost. An escape must have three things in order to be considered a true escape. First, an escape must permanently or at least temporarily eliminate one’s responsibilities. As long as one has responsibilities looming overhead, one cannot really feel free. It will also work if the escape produces the illusion that one’s responsibilities are gone. Secondly, an escape must enhance leisure. If the escape does not enhance leisure then boredom will most likely be the result. Also, due to the fact that most escapes are the temporary kind, leisure time is generally very precious. Therefore, it is not enough that an escape simply do away with work and responsibility. An escape must also take full advantage of one’s leisure time. Third, an escape must not have any undesirable consequences. This is the condition that justifies the escape itself. Suppose for example that a person became tired of his or her job and simply stopped working. That person would soon be fired, and although he did avoid doing work, his method of escape cannot be justified because of the undesirable consequences that followed. This is perhaps the most important condition an escape must satisfy. Science fiction literature and films are very good escape mechanisms. While a person is absorbed in the goings on within a particular novel, movie, etc., that person can experience what the characters are experiencing, and it is common for the characters to have lifestyles that meet the three conditions above. The reason for this is that in science fiction it is very common for the characters to have a very technologically advanced way of living. The futuristic technology allows the characters to do less work and have more fun with no consequences. Take for example the movie star wars. Due to the advanced...

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Uploaded by:   timmyboy17

Date:   02/01/2000

Category:   Film

Length:   3 pages (778 words)

Views:   1847

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Star Wars

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