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Soviet Union expansionism in the Cold War

Uploaded by billybig on Sep 30, 2004

What specific actions of the Soviet Union had when expressing expansionism and threats to stability? Write in defense of the Soviet Union.

The Cold War dominated world politics or needed to dominate world attention of what it was about and such a large event it was being a global phenomenon which was difficult for reaching agreements. In fact, interpretations as to the origins of the Cold War are dominated by three schools of thought. Traditionalist, Revisionist and Post-revisionist. While the Traditionalist thought the expansionist, Revisionist suggested that these policies were essentially defensive. In the cause of this essay, all sides would be examined to the establishment of validility of this statement.

Even before and after World War 2, there were rapid, complex and simultaneous and what was seen as weakness by some was also seen as strength by the other. The Traditionalist viewed out that the Soviet Union to be expansionist. They believed that the Soviets led by Stalin wanted to have more territory by spreading communism throughout Europe and taking over land. The Soviets had a rise in economy and at that time the U.S. had the Great Depression. This made the Soviet Union a little more powerful than the United States for a little while so they can take territories.

There were secret agreements with Hitler and the Soviet Union. America became worried as to how close Hitler and Stalin was. All these agreements were more or less about spreading communism throughout the European states. Stalin was also aware of America knowing everything what is going on in Europe. It was so because America had its businesses there when Europe was to call out for economic aid, so trade and the economies would be built up. Stalin sent letters to American workers telling them to revolt against the capitalist society. The Soviets started to form communism in the Caribbean which there was a continuous fear of these Soviets in the tropical part of the world.

At the Yalta Conference there was also a demand for more territory from European land since it was devastated after World War 2 by the Soviets. With this, the Soviets got carried away, they wanted everything. They had a power vacuum which throughout Europe and other areas had Communist parties. It was believed that these Communist parties held allegiance to the Soviet Union. Stalin’s socialism in one country had been an admission that the Communist revolution had...

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Uploaded by:   billybig

Date:   09/30/2004

Category:   History

Length:   4 pages (796 words)

Views:   1504

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