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Should The Firearm Makers Be More Responsible To The Society?

Uploaded by good_dealz on Jul 27, 2004

Should The Firearm Makers Be More Responsible To The Society?

Ethics are principles governing the behavior of an individual or a group. These principles establish appropriate behavior indicating what is right and what is wrong. Defining the term is easy, but determining what the principles are is difficult. What is ethical can vary form one to another, from industry to industry, and from country to country. In the play ¡V All My Sons, it is an unethical decision that Joe Keller sold the broken airplanes¡¦ cylinder heads to the military during World War II. One main reason was that he did not want to let the business fall behind in the industry. However, it eventually led to the death of those pilots, and suicide of his son. At the end, he could not run away from the emotional charge of his family members. This is one best example about the ethical conflicts that many gun industries have to face today. The gun industries claim that they have the right to legally promote their products while the others believe that gun makers have been unethically taking advantages of people¡¦s fear due to violent criminals for enhancing their profits.
As the approach of Y2K, it seems that there were numerous calamities overwhelming the Earth. Businesses and government agents were force to test their hi-tech systems ¡V computers ¡V to avoid any possible hacking disasters. Some others claimed that ¡§the end of world¡¨ was coming soon. However, gun industries tried to
exploit on the issue of Y2K. They launched a main campaign for sales to gain more profit from disruptive social fear. One main reason was that gun industries had been going through a shrinking of the market for several years. Therefore, the gun makers had to introduce some new and more deadly products to raise the sales. These types of new weapons comprised assault weapons, sniper rifles, and smaller mortal handguns like pocket rockets. Meanwhile, they targeted the products on new divisions, such as females, and youth. The advertisement for Wilson Combat Millennium Protector .45 pistol stated that the accuracy, total reliability and fast handling of the new Millennium Protector would provide you with security and peaceful mind in those unpredictable times. It kept going that you would find you were responsible to...

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Uploaded by:   good_dealz

Date:   07/27/2004

Category:   Gun Control

Length:   6 pages (1,370 words)

Views:   4030

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Should The Firearm Makers Be More Responsible To The Society?

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