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Uploaded by Admin on Dec 13, 1999

I awoke, there was a crash on the upper deck. I heard a thunderous crackling from my head above. I ran up the stairs and what I saw devastated me. The small wooden boat was completely coated in billowy flames. "Help, help, somebody please!" I slowly moved towards the sound being careful to dodge flames as much as possible. The smoke was choking me. I could see a faint outline of a face across the deck. It was Tom, my lifelong friend and companion. He was completely surrounded by the bright flames. "Tom are you OK!!" "Yeah, but the fire has me surrounded!" "Tom jump overboard, hurry!" "But....but...." "Do it quick, hurry!" I hit the surprisingly cold water with a crash. I swam through the sea illuminated by the flames to find Tom. "You okay buddy?" "Yeah the flames were everywhere and I wasn't sure what to do." "Well you did the right thing Tom." Finally he was beside me riding over the waves. We found a large board that supported our weight and we began to circle the destroyed vessel. I began to feel weary from inhaling so much smoke. Everything was going dark and before long I couldn't hold on. I don't know when I woke up. All I could feel was rugged sand all over my body and in my mouth. Land, we had washed ashore! Then I remembered fully what had happened last night. I began to look for Tom. "Tom, Tom, Where are you!!" There was no sign of him anywhere. Then I saw the footprints in the sand. I knew they were his because I had never seen a bigger pair of feet in my life. They were going towards the lofty trees ahead of me that lined the boundary of the seaside. I followed them to see him lying against an aged tree trunk. I went around to confront him and discovered he was passed out. Blood ran across his face and down his sandy chest. "He must have hit a rock when the waves crashed him against the shore?" I began to panic, I hurried to find something to cover his wound. I took a portion of his torn pants and wrapped his forehead up in it. He awoke with a scream of pain and looked around frantically trying to figure out what was going on. "Tom are you OK?" "Umm ya!" "We were washed ashore and you probably hit your head on a rock." "Well it sure...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   12/13/1999

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   8 pages (1,849 words)

Views:   1643

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