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Uploaded by CollegeKid2002 on Oct 22, 2001

Humans are sexual beings. We want it. We all need sex. It is an important part of us. Sex can be simply a pleasurable act, yet it can also be an expression of our love for someone else. In short, sex is wonderful. However, it is relatively rare to encounter a rational discussion about sex, even between partners. As with all activities about which people are passionate and which involve biological drives, the topic of sexuality is rife with controversy, misunderstanding, moralizing, and stereotypes. It is my belief that the widespread availability of information about sexual matters help facilitate better communication in relationships. Progress can never be made in human affairs by the suppression or repression of information, or by spreading disinformation. In essence, sexuality should be celebrated to improve our sexual health and happiness.

In today's society, where sex is unfortunately too often viewed as "the nasty," I would not necessarily call the act of having sex taboo because people are beginning to realize more about who we are and what we need. This is not to say that we are considering sex to be a cool thing now, but our attitudes are a lot better than they used to be. Still, we Americans have much to improve on our views and acceptance of sex. A non-virgin today is often looked down upon in the younger age groups (high-school and under). Teenagers label them with harsh vocabulary such as "whores", "skanks", "sluts", and "players." In the older age groups, sex is more "the thing to do". If you have a long-term girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, it is expected that you are having a sexual relationship. We are more comfortable with admitting that we are sexually active when we are older. However, knowing that certain individuals are having sex and talking about it often elicits an "eiuwwww." Are most people comfortable with telling their friends whether or not they are having sex? For most people, I believe not. There is much room for improvement in the ways we handle sex and its importance in our lives. I am not saying that we should invade other people's privacy or blatantly share intimate details of our sex lives, but that we should not feel embarrassed or guilty for having sex and enjoying ourselves.

The United States is probably one of the more uptight countries about sex. For example, in Europe,...

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Uploaded by:   CollegeKid2002

Date:   10/22/2001

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   7 pages (1,648 words)

Views:   1911

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