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Seachange and Scales Of Justice - Power And Lifestyle

Uploaded by cainen on Mar 15, 2002

“Power can affect people in many different ways and this can have a direct impact on their lifestyle. How is this true in both Seachange and Scales of Justice?”

The issue of power and its effect on lifestyle is clearly demonstrated in both Scales of Justice and in Seachange through a variety of characters. In Scales of Justice, power and the abuse of it is shown mainly through corruption within the police force and in Seachange it is shown mostly through Laura and Bob Jelly. Both television programs show us that along with power there can be both negative and positive effects on people’s lifestyles.

In Scales of Justice it is shown that there is a certain hierarchy and those in higher positions often dominate and control those in positions that are below them. A classic example of this is Sergeant O’Rourke and Probationary Constable Webber. O’Rourke is basically a bully in his position. Whilst attending a robbery with Webber, O’Rourke steals a fur coat. Webber catches him but says nothing at the time. Later on this coat appears in Webber’s locker. When Webber approaches O’Rourke about it, he uses bully tactics to threaten Webber. Webber reports this to someone in a higher position. O’Rourke misuses his power and talks to friends in higher positions and it is Webber who is thrown out of the force.

Another issue of power and lifestyle demonstrated in Scales of Justice is that those in power are often secluded from the rest of society. An example of this happening is when Webber is not even on duty but on his way to work wearing his police uniform. As soon as he steps onto the bus, everybody suddenly becomes silent and look away as if he isn’t even human. They all feel a certain threat by him simply because he holds some power over them.

There are many different examples of the misuse of power in Scales of Justice. The misuse and abuse of power can in some cases actually mean a better lifestyle. At one stage of the show, Webber tells Borland he is thinking of buying a new car. In reply, Borland tells Webber not to forget to wear his “discount suit.” Webber has no idea what Borland is talking about. Borland explains that the discount suit is actually his police uniform. Later on in the show we see Webber pull up in a brand new sports...

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Uploaded by:   cainen

Date:   03/15/2002

Category:   Film

Length:   4 pages (971 words)

Views:   1847

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Seachange and Scales Of Justice - Power And Lifestyle

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