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School Uniforms

Uploaded by binarydude on Oct 24, 2001

I am going to prove that Esperanza should require students to wear uniforms. I’ve seen a few high schools that have a dress code. This dress code requires them to wear uniforms. Esperanza’s dress code lacks the disciplined dress needed to promote self-confidence. I always see other people wear the same clothes about every two days. For me, I have about 7 pairs of clothes. I hate having to decide what to wear everyday. I would love to wake up and just put a uniform on.

My argument: sometimes I don’t like wearing different clothes. For instance, you might just want to wear something cool but you’ve already worn that last week. I would like for Esperanza to support uniforms. This would show other schools we are one we are a team. Just like game day for basketball or football. We dress up for this day and it conveys a message that we are united as a team: a well-mannered school.

Moreover, there is no distinction. For instance, uniforms are basically what people would wear to school every day. Some people wear the same clothes every day in prior to what other people wear: which is normal changing everyday clothes. Rich kids look the same as poor kids. No one can tell between them with uniforms. This would raise self-confidence. Therefore, there is no distinction. Rich or poor is melted into just students. For the legal

In all fairness, one may say that uniforms degrade the basic individuality and freedom we have to express our uniqueness. The question is that do we need to express our liberty at school? . We need to ask the question what is important. We go to school to learn. If wearing a uniform will aid us in this goal then we must wear uniforms. History dictates uniforms are used for unity. Unity is a means of uniting the people to feel as one unit. If we feel as one unit we can help each other to succeed in our daily tasks.

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Uploaded by:   binarydude

Date:   10/24/2001

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   1 pages (336 words)

Views:   1470

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School Uniforms

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