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School Uniform - Keep it or ditch it?

Uploaded by Sxyclr on Oct 06, 2005

Dear Mr Shorey,

In the last school newsletter you stated that you were thinking about getting rid of school uniform. I feel that getting rid of school uniform would be a big mistake and in this letter I am going to explain why I think this by stating my opinion in a balanced argument.

During assembly would you rather look upon a sea of blue jumpers and smart looking students or a muddle and mis-match of all sorts of colours and scruffy looking children? School uniform gives the school an identity and keeps it, as well as the pupils, looking smart. Our school’s school uniform should be worn with pride and we should be proud to belong to Court-Moor and not our rivals Calthorpe!

Another reason for wearing school uniform is that when we are on day trips with the school it is much easier for teachers to see who belongs with whom. If there are hundreds of people around and a teacher is trying to find his or her students in amongst such chaos it would be much easier to spot them if they are in school uniform.

There is also a much more serious reason why uniform should be worn: bullying.

People are bullied because of their skin colour, if they’re fat or thin, ugly, spotty, if they have no friends, a slightly up-turned nose, a big nose, big ears, large lips, no lips, slanted eyes, if they smell, the list goes on and if you get rid off school uniform you’ll just be increasing this list. People will be bullied for not having the right clothes; these people probably don’t have enough money to buy clothes in fashion. There will be others who wear the same thing over and over again and will get picked on for that “No wonder you smell, you’ve worn that top for the past week!” It’s not fair, but having school uniform stops this kind of bullying because people can’t be judged on the clothes they wear as everyone is wearing the same.

This, surprisingly, takes me to a reason for getting rid of school uniform; all the students wear the same thing. A number of people say everyone has a right to be their own individual but wearing school uniform suppresses one’s individuality. It is a human right to have freedom of speech and some would say this freedom of speech could be expressed through...

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Uploaded by:   Sxyclr

Date:   10/06/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   5 pages (1,095 words)

Views:   2508

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