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Uploaded by flyingangel on Jul 18, 2006

What are culture management strategies?

Strategies for culture management are about the achievement of longer term objectives for either changing the culture in specified ways or for reinforcing the existing culture of an organization – its values and the way things are done around here. It will be concerned with how the culture of the organization can be moved from a present state to a future desired state. The strategy will be based on an analysis of the present culture and the extent to which it supports the achievement of business goals. This should identify areas where changes are deemed to be desirable. Those changes can then be specified and plans developed for them to be implemented.

Culture reinforcement strategies are also based on an analysis of the existing culture and how it supports the attainment of goals. In so far as it is supportive, steps can be taken to ensure that the desirable features of the culture are maintained.

Culture management often focuses on the development of shared values and gaining commitment to them. These values will be concerned with the sort of behavior the management believes is appropriate in the interests of the organization. The core values of the business express the beliefs about what management regards as important with regard to how the organization functions and how people should behave. The aim is to ensure that these beliefs are also held and acted upon by employees.

Organization Culture

It has been defined as the commonly held beliefs, attitudes and values that exist in an organization put more simply, culture is ‘the way we do things around here” These values, norms, beliefs, attitudes will shape the ways in which people behave and get things done around here.

• It is difficult to define
• It is multi-dimensional with many different components at different levels
• It is not particularly dynamic and ever changing
• It takes time to establish and therefore time to change a corporate culture

Organizational Climate

Culture refers to the deep structure of organizations which is rooted in the values, beliefs and assumptions held by organizational members. Climate refers to those aspects of the environment that are consciously perceived by organizational members. Climate is a perception and is description. They are realizations experienced by an individual.

Appropriate Cultures

A good culture exerts a positive influence on organizational behavior. It could help to create a ‘high-performance’ culture, one that will produce a high level of business performance. The...

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Uploaded by:   flyingangel

Date:   07/18/2006

Category:   Business and Economics

Length:   6 pages (1,440 words)

Views:   3160

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