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Robin Hood's real impacts on the world

Uploaded by rmulder on Nov 09, 2002

Robin Hood is probably one of the most famous and well known English heroes. His name is recognised all over the world as his story has spread. His tale has been told in many different variations all over the globe, from cartoon conversions and feature length films its really wide spread. Over the ages more and more characters were added and even now more are appearing in new films or cartoons. The story also has changed to include new rivals and side kicks in the adventures. His story appeared during the eleven hundreds when sir Foliet invented him. He is famous for his aim to “Steal from the rich, and give to the poor”. Robin and his growing band of “merry men” fought to follow this aim.

Robin Hood was developed during a time of poverty in England. With the population stuck in a cast system there were three very different classes. The third class were the peasants, they had no money and were treated and used like slaved to the other classes. The second class owned the small plots of land that the third class worked on, they were pretty wealthy. There were few people in the first class, they owned most of the land and split it up among the second class, they were very well off and were mainly lords or royals. It was virtually impossible to move up a class and families often stayed in the same class for generations. This brought great despair upon the lower class and they had virtually no hope.

At that time, the country was also filled with war, as England fought continuously for land and wealth. The land was also scarred by civil war brought on by greed, the third class was always made to fight for the other classes against their will.

Robin Hood was a hero because he fought for these people and fought against the ruling classes. By “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor” he accomplished both of these, damaging the rich and helping the needy. He had no real powers, but his trademark is his bow. He was a real marksman and he used this talent to rob coaches and rich people. Though it is believed he was only a myth, it is thought there were many people rebelling against the system similar to the tale.

He is my hero because, even if he...

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Uploaded by:   rmulder

Date:   11/09/2002

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (550 words)

Views:   1931

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Robin Hood's real impacts on the world

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