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Responsible Fates

Uploaded by tariasheard4 on Nov 19, 2000

In the play Romeo and Juliet and the musical Wet Side Story, the two pairs of lovers were part responsible for their tragic fates. First, Romeo’s and Juliet’s families were enemies. In comparison, Tony and Maria of West Side Story were practically apart of gangs that were enemies as well. Second, both couples knew they shouldn’t have been together especially if they had to hide it. Third, Romeo and Juliet gave up hope when they committed suicide. Last, the couples knew their situations would be dangerous and would cause more feuding than there already was.

To begin with, the Montagues and the Capulets were enemies and so were the Sharks and the Jets. In modern day life, one would not even think of speaking to a girl or boy if it is known that the person is of enemy blood. That would be a very dangerous and risky thing to do. If someone found out, they would probably try to hurt that person and their lover. Than is almost taboo because a person wouldn’t marry their sworn enemy.

Also, both couples had to hide their relationships from family and friends. If one has to hide anything, it must be wrong. Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria knew it was wrong to secretly love one another. That made the situation worse, meaning that they had to lie to their families. The lovers knew that if they could not tell their family and friends, they should not have gotten together because they would make matters worse.

Next, Romeo and Juliet gave up any hope of being together when they committed suicide. They did not have to kill themselves because they couldn’t be together. Instead, they could have been adults about it and went on with their lives, or they could have come up with a better plan to make their marriage work. But they didn’t. Still, they took their own lives.

Finally, the lovers knew that their relationships would be dangerous and cause more hostility than what had already existed. If the lovers had paid attention, they would have noticed that they were part responsible for those who were dying left and right. Also, the males in each relationship were apart of the rings of violence. Romeo was forced to kill Tybalt,...

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Uploaded by:   tariasheard4

Date:   11/19/2000

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (476 words)

Views:   1199

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Responsible Fates

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