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Response peice to

Uploaded by w_ashley on Dec 08, 2003

This is a response peice to "The History of Rave Music Written by: legosgirl2323". This is not so much to agree or disagree with the statements in the original paper instead it is a commentary from my perspective. The word

"you" is "legosgirl2323". It addresses the idea of "what is rave?".

Note there is some interesting information, and you state your opinion and seem to have defined stereotypes

"Some enjoy it, some don’t."-unless your psychic what is joy? why would someone do something they don't like, really isn't action a matter of determination of difference of being.

"Rave Music is made up of technologically advanced beats" does it have to be electronic? what about the drummers that play to tracks or just drums at outdoor parties, is that still rave?

It's great you shared your thoughts about rave.

"the U.S. sparked the flame that started it all" ? TO say that is questionable, electronic music has been around for years nonelectronic even earlier. Early experimentalists were around the world, San Fransisco and Goa were reportedly two early areas of "RAVE?" culture which in the case of Goa seemed to be worldwide cultures. Where as the early warehouse era both in the UK and the eastern states seemed to be yet another advance. The germans for instance during the 80's opened the first one of the first technoclubs talla2xl. It is little doubt in my mind that some colledge/university students in the 70's held the first "rave". Disco culture in many ways could exemplify some of the ideas of dance culture where as POWWOWs and other ritualistic pagan/nonpagan cerimonies might be seen as the emergence of "rave". I geuss it is a matter of criteria. Although the warehouse seems to be very much noted.

"Rave Music is culture. Culture is nature, which is indefinable for if it was definable it could be controlled. Rave Music, obviously, cannot be controlled."

Well that one gets me a bit too.. dualistically and artistically that is playing god. If your dead everything is controlled. Actually the layers of the mind are what tells you you have no control after source/paradox/root the understanding of "gameplaying" or "death" So to be nature/trance conciousness is to control nature as it. Anything else is just tricking yourself into limitation i.e. human. the dualism/artistry is the medium however the loss of identity and culture as the clash.

"A typical raver is between 17 and...

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Uploaded by:   w_ashley

Date:   12/08/2003

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   2 pages (550 words)

Views:   1384

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