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Reality Or Fantasy, You be the judge

Uploaded by dwytparx on Jun 26, 2002

The following short story was inspired by: Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s form of — mystical realism esp., A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

The first to drift down from the heavens was of Hispanic origin; he would remain in the tiny country for nearly nine years. Those that followed would also remain for many years; this was how it was in those days. Before it was all over, there would be five hundred and ninety more of these angels, float down from the heavens.

They landed in a small Asian country where the people were poor, and couldn’t speak the angel’s language. Some of the more superstitious of them thought the angels should be put to death, for they may be a result of some celestial event. However, the wisest among them chose to keep them alive, with an agenda of interrogation; also, as propaganda tools in order to save their nation. It was soon learned, that extracting information from these angels would be filled with frustration, for the nation that sent them required “silence” as a code of conduct during their basic induction.

The angels were kept locked up like pigeons, where they were tortured, and starved; their only nourishment came from a rancid fish they called sturgeons, supplemented at times by cold rat meat, and a brackish venom they called water. The local people were intensely curious and wanted to see the angels brought into the streets; where they could inspect the celestial visitors that had rained death and destruction on their farms and fleets. They threw stones and beat the angel’s unmercifully; trying to exact revenge, for the incredible suffering the angels had brought upon them. Their captors were forced to walk beside them with fixed bayonets, to tame the crowds when they became too belligerent.

After several years’ visitors were allowed in their company; who promised them, something would be done to end their misery. Letters and communiqués would be sent, to the powers responsible for their imprisonment; however, no responses were received that the angels were allowed to see, or digest. Their only knowledge of the outside world came from recently fallen angels, and this information was sketchy at best. During those times, angels were given info on a “need to know” basis; in the fear that they too may fall from the heavens, as they flew from their bases.

An enormously powerful country sent the angels on their...

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Uploaded by:   dwytparx

Date:   06/26/2002

Category:   Biographies

Length:   5 pages (1,050 words)

Views:   2215

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Reality Or Fantasy, You be the judge

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