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Post World War I Activity

Uploaded by wiyum9 on May 15, 2004

The Allied wars debt being cancelled is considered theoretically desirable due to the U.S. being considered to be repaid already with the borrowed money being spent in America for war materials boosting the U.S. economy, and the war being a common cause giving no one power prosperity from retributions like the U.S., but is considered impossible because of the insurmountable amount needed to be paid; Americas benefits of entering the world war include: gained woman’s rights, and a creditor nation evolvement.

The European countries owing debt to the United States at the time is considered to be a huge hole for the Europeans. In order to get their way out of paying a large ransom of money over to the U.S., they were in need of a plan. They begin standing for their point by stating how they believe repayment has already been made based on the reimbursement of the borrowed money into the U.S. for goods, resulting in an economic boost for America. The United States felt differently, arguing that the goods being purchased were not given away with money loaned from them. The economic jump was the firepower that could not be argued however, giving the U.S. a much more prosperous outlook disregarding the war debt. The U.S. can be viewed as a power benefiting from this common cause of war.

America is seen by the other European countries as a power profiting from the retributions of the war. They also goes against this idea, saying the war was for a common cause for everyone, not just to provide for a single country. This ideal was supported with the huge economic boom the U.S. experienced during the war and continuing afterwards as well. Especially since America never hit hard due to the oceans in between them and the war, and due to the late entrance of the U.S. The United States still stood for no cancellation, saying those who incur debts should repay them. There was still a mind blowing number that made this all seem impossible to make even however.

The large sum of over 11 billion dollars was to be repaid. Now this large figure is an almost insurmountable climb for a war fought country. So the U.S., being as brilliant as they are, came up with a plan that spread the pay over 62 years with...

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Uploaded by:   wiyum9

Date:   05/15/2004

Category:   History

Length:   3 pages (675 words)

Views:   1830

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Post World War I Activity

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