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Politically Correct Fanatics: Their denial of patterns and genetics among people

Uploaded by WWu777 on Jun 27, 2005

Politically Correct Fanatics:
Their denial of patterns and genetics among people


You may be reading this because you've made one or some of the following politically correct statements:

1. "Not all of them are like that."
2. "You can't generalize or stereotype, there is good and bad (or anything being contrasted) everywhere."
3. "Stereotypes and generalizations are bad, harmful, and always wrong."
4. "I know this person or that who doesn't fit your generalization."
5. "People are the same everywhere you go." or "Everyone is unique and individual, so it is wrong and inaccurate to make generalizations or stereotypes." (a seeming contradiction)

The "politically correct" mentality that denies any sort of patterns in people, and denies the whole science of genetics, seems prevalent among mainstream people today, especially in the US. Though odd and illogical, it has spread widely and in various degrees among the world's populations into popular thought today. For some reason, these people, in their idealistic cause to appease and unify the people of the world with political correctness, are willing to deny facts and reality to support their politically correct beliefs. And they do this to the point of making it not just a mentality, but almost a religion as well. They seem motivated by a belief or desire to ignore all differences in people, in order to unify all, get agreement from all, and offend none. Thus, in effect, when it comes to choosing between truth and political correctness, they choose the latter. For terminology purposes, we will call these kinds of people "PC fanatics" (politically correct fanatics).

These PC fanatics, however, are tedious to debate, because they bring up the same protests over and over again (e.g. the four statements above) and even when you point out why they're wrong, getting them to admit it sometimes too, they still bring up the same points again later. It becomes tedious and repetitive. Therefore, I've written this article to knock some sense into them, and to save me time from having to repeat the same arguments to them over and over again. I give no bull, and cut to the chase, telling it like it is.

PC fanatics' denial of patterns among people

First, there is a double standard here. PC fanatics are willing to acknowledge patterns that exist in things (non-living), aspects, or trends, but when it comes to identifying...

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Uploaded by:   WWu777

Date:   06/27/2005

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   12 pages (2,624 words)

Views:   2099

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Politically Correct Fanatics: Their denial of patterns and genetics among people

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