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Uploaded by darylb783 on Oct 30, 2001

Plumbing/HVAC provides many job opportunities that are extremely available, require quick and easy training, and careers that yield considerably high wages. Low cost training and high paying jobs make plumbing/HVAC a exceedingly valued field. Most of the training to become a service man only requires two years of classes or less in most cases. Plumbing /HVAC jobs one of the most rapidly increasing employment opportunities in the world, and they offer involvement in business ownership.

Plumbing is the background for all other major trades whether it is refrigeration or heating ventilation. The first of three major types of plumbing is construction plumbing. Construction plumbing usually requires more than two years of training, but it is also one of the highest paying, fastest growing service jobs. The U.S Department of Labor is estimating that there are over 90,000 jobs in construction plumbing alone, and they are also predicting a 17% increase of jobs in this field. Construction plumbers need stamina to carry supplies and sit in awkward positions for hours at a time. Trade plumbing on the other hand requires only two years or less of training, and it has been said to be easy to pick up as well. Plumbing is a versatile business, because you are not confined to an office or desk. Plumbing offers jobs almost anywhere thought possible. Jobs in an office, jobs outdoors, and even jobs overseas are available in this widespread business. The job of being a plumber changes rapidly due to all the new inventions, and better methods of conservation brought up by innovative plumbers. Innovative plumbing or scientific plumbing is mainly dealing with higher technology and will obviously require more training than average. Scientific plumbers find new ways to conserve energy and upgrade modern plumbing equipment. Plumbing dates back as far as2500 B.C and it will always be in high demand, so job security will always be there for a plumber. Although one planning on entering this or any other HVAC field may want to strongly consider joining a workers union, because an average wage for a union worker can be as much as $15.00 higher when compared to a non-union worker in the plumbing/HVAC business.

Heating ventilation is an important factor in people’s homes and businesses, because being comfortable is one thing the human population has come to enjoy. Scientific ventilation involves creating blueprints for plans on new ways to vent building...

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Uploaded by:   darylb783

Date:   10/30/2001

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   4 pages (949 words)

Views:   2968

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