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Playing Guild Wars 2 on my own

Uploaded by 2guildwars2 on Aug 31, 2012

Here's one to file under 'lessons we learned from probably Should Have writing stuff on the internet for over a decade': if you're planning to publish a couple of different perspectives on a contentious issue, publish Either Them or lead together with the one That Reflects the prevailing consensus. Otherwise everyone calls you!

As Oli Welsh point out in Always Online: What Does Guild Wars 2 Right, Guild Wars 2 is an online game. There are definitely benefits to this approach, outlines Which Oli - links to the other players are simple and appealing, and loot-stealing griefing are impossible, and it looks like Trading Could Become hugely addictive - and, if you're playing Guild Wars 2 on a completely reliable internet connection, it's easy to focus on this stuff and make peace with whatever else is going on, Because it makes the game more fun.

However, as anyone who HAS Followed me on Twitter for Any Time will know, even people who pay over the odds for supposedly top-of-the-line fiber connections are just as vulnerable to the quirks and eccentricities of the networking architecture have people paying £ 8 a month for ADSL capped. It's bloody annoying hiccups When it falling on football matches on Sky Go It's going to be even more annoying when I'm playing Guild Wars 2 on my own.

The point is: there is no such thing as a completely reliable internet connection.
And hey, even if there was, I would not be ble to use it outside my home. I imagine I will play more Guild Wars 2 on my MacBook Pro than I will on my desktop PC, because i like to have something to unwind with when i travel to see friends and relatives. I guess I'll have to make do with playing New Star Soccer on my iPad on the train INSTEAD. Even Apple does not insist that I'm always online.

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Uploaded by:   2guildwars2

Date:   08/31/2012

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (317 words)

Views:   2082

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Playing Guild Wars 2 on my own

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