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Uploaded by atapp45 on Apr 25, 2016

Personality of Anson Anson Wong Ho 7

that can be postponed, is a satisfaction of higher needs leads to improved health and longevity; thus, Maslowcalled higher needs growth or being, needs. In what satisfaction of higher needs is beneficial psychologicallyand leads to contentment and happiness given by good external circumstances in a sequence of before next need becomes important, needs do not need to be fully satisfied. There are totally five needs including physiologicalneeds, safety needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization need in the sequence of the basic needs to higher needs respectively. In details, physiological needs not only basic survival needs butalso have a greater personal impact as motivating forces in cultures where basic survival remains an everydayconcern. Safety needs are important drives for infants and neurotic adults’ e.g. youngsters react visibly andimmediately to any threat to their security and adults have learned ways to inhibit their reactions to dangeroussituations; moreover; visible indication of children’s safety needs is their preference for structure or routine, for an orderly and predictable world. Relevantly, avoidance to new experiences and preference for order over chaosare related. The meaning of belongingness and love needs is the expression through lover or mate and socialrelationship formed within a group, and this needs satisfied by association with and acceptance of others. Interms of failure to meet this need, fundamental cause of emotion maladjustment will be occurred. The sourcesof esteem can be classified into two- ourselves and others respectively. Self-worth and recognized status aresources for building self-esteem regarding to ourselves and others respectively. Satisfaction is based on severalneeds those are feeling confident of our strength, worth, and adequacy. In contrast, failure occurs due todissatisfy then leads to inferiority feelings and feelings of helplessness. Beyond the Hierarchy of Needs,cognitive needs are the second set of innate needs in order to know and to understand. Historical evidence

Personality of Anson Anson Wong Ho 8

places cognitive needs above safety needs. Cognitive needs appear in late infancy and early childhood. In order to process self-actualization, cognitive needs are necessary since self-actualization is an abstract term; thus,cognitive development and its needs must be satisfy and mature. Self-actualization need is what Maslow calledhighest need, meaning fullest development of the self which depends on the maximum realization, andfulfillment of our potentials, talents and abilities. The foundations of forms are capability of maximizing personal abilities...

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Uploaded by:   atapp45

Date:   04/25/2016

Category:   Psychology

Length:   3 pages (696 words)

Views:   5415

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