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Of Mice and Men Journal Notes

Uploaded by imasterxx on Oct 16, 2003

(I figure I might as well share it instead of toss it out once I'm done with the class)

The beginning few scenes are almost identical in the movie and the book. They let the reader know what has just happened to Lennie and George (the trouble they almost got into) and also foreshadows to what might happen in the near future. It is apparent that Lennie and George have had dreams for the future for some time because Lennie makes George tell a story of how they will eventually have their own ranch with rabbits and other animals. It is during this opening scene that the audience learns of Lennie’s mental dysfunction and how it holds George from leading a normal life.

Lennie and George make their way to the ranch the next day where they were told they’d find work. Before getting hired they meet Candy, an elderly worker who lost his hand in a machine on the ranch. Candy shows the new workers around and to the boss’s office. The boss of the ranch is a fair man who is in charge of everything. Because George told Lennie to keep quiet, the boss seemed a little suspicious of the couple but still gave them a chance to prove themselves as workers.

Candy shows the new workers to their bunks, during which time Curley (the boss’s son) enters. Curley soon gets angry at Lennie for no apparent reason and quickly leaves. George and Lennie find out from Candy that Curley doesn’t like big guys much because he’s jealous. To the audience, Curley becomes a conflict that George and Lennie must face. Because of Lennie’s mental handicap, George will have an even tougher time controlling Lennie’s actions of staying away from Curley and keeping out of trouble that any common sense person would know how to.

Other minor characters Slim, Carlson, and Curley’s wife are introduced. Carlson is another worker on the ranch and Slim manages the workers on the field. Curley’s wife wanders in alone in a desperate attempt to get some company. Curley’s wife also becomes a conflict because George realizes that she won’t stay in her house and will try to attract attention from the guys in the bunk house. If Curley notices either of the new people talking to her, he’ll get very angry and want to pick a fight. George knows this but Lennie doesn’t have a clue....

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Uploaded by:   imasterxx

Date:   10/16/2003

Category:   Of Mice And Men

Length:   7 pages (1,504 words)

Views:   2900

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Of Mice and Men Journal Notes

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