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Nuclear War: Why we Need our Nukes

Uploaded by Admin on Dec 10, 1999

Nuclear War: Why we Need our Nukes After much research and discussion I have decided to bring up the constant and ever rising conflict of nuclear warfare and why we need to keep our nuclear weapons. I believe very strongly that we need to keep, test, and build nuclear weapons, people will say that we need to keep a peaceful world and ban all nuclear weapons. The people that talk like that are simply ignorant; because if there is ever any kind of nuclear war or any type of superior threat that needs to be dealt with strongly and promptly nuclear force is most likely going to be the most tactical and reasonable choice. If all the test ban treaties ever written were to come into effect our nation would be in serious danger. Due to the simple fact that everybody else would advance in the world of nuclear technology why we are over here sitting on our sorry asses trying to make the world a better place for plants, animals, and ourselves. I believe either our nation is incredibly ignorant or they are not telling the public everything the amendment grants to us. I strongly believe that if we knew everything that was going on in the world of nuclear warfare, the opinions of very many people would change. Right now as we speak Russia, China, Pakistan and many other countries have access to nuclear weapon's which makes them a threat! So why they develop new ways to nuke us, we are fighting with the people about weather or not we should waste tax dollars on a project that could some day save the lives of the United States. You can't forget that nuclear weapons are not used so much as a weapon but as a deterrent. What I am saying by that is, instead of finishing a war with nukes, we could prevent the war all together by using the nukes as a scary little tactic to keep them at bay. This will never be a nuclear free world, you can't dismiss the ever growing world of technology, there will always be the threat of nuclear war, and if its not nukes it will be something more advanced and more dangerous. I just don't understand the big deal! Whoops, hit the wrong button. I really don't care much about the people, or the particular arguments involved on...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   12/10/1999

Category:   Science And Technology

Length:   23 pages (5,080 words)

Views:   1991

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Nuclear War: Why we Need our Nukes

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