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Nostoc Information

Uploaded by themeanman on Apr 08, 1999

Scientific name - Kingdom- Monera, Phylum- Cyanobacteria, Class- N\A, Order- nostocaler, Family- Nostocaceae, Genus- Nostoc, Species- caeruleum Description- Nostoc is a one celled autotrophic organism that performs photosynthesis with out chloroplasts. Instead it uses photosynthetic pigments located on folded membranes in their cytoplasm. The Nostoc is given its bluish color from a blue pigment called phycocyanin and its green color from the chlorophyll is surrounded by a membrane cell wall, called an acapsule. The Nostoc contains cytoplasm, which is made of 70% to 85% water. Habitat -The habitat of a Nostoc is in the ground and on the roots of plants. Plants such as beans and alfalfa are some of these plants. Life cycle- Nostoc reproduces asexually by binary fission. They divide every 15 to 20 minutes. Importance - Nostoc is important to farmers because the Nostoc in riches the soil with nitrogen. They do this by capturing nitrogen out of the air, through a process of called nitrogen fixation. The nitrogen is used by plants so the Nostoc act like artificial fertilizer, but not as hurtful or costly. Bibliography - Stanier, Roger, The Microbial World New Jersey: Englewood Cliffs, 1963.

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Uploaded by:   themeanman

Date:   04/08/1999

Category:   Biology

Length:   1 pages (187 words)

Views:   2419

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Nostoc Information

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