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"No Escape"

Uploaded by x-aimee-kate-x on Jan 31, 2005

I stood shaking outside the room, slowly I shuffled through the door and felt thirty pairs of eyes fix on me. Too nervous to glance round my new registration class, I concentrated on staring at the blue carpet below me embedded with chewing gum. Raising my head slightly I saw the teacher at the front of the class pointing towards an empty seat in the front row, as an indication for me to sit down. Not wanting to disturb anyone I sat in silence lost for words.
A few girls in my classes showed me around for a while but I soon found a group of people who I settled with really well. I could be myself more openly and the whole group were excited to have a new member. Two of the girls in this gang became my best friends but at first I didn’t quite realise just how much they would affect my life.
English, Period Two on a Friday. That was our period in the library. I sat as usual with my two new best friends, Rozi and Elaine. We sat and talked for most of the class, swapping secrets and stories, by the end of the class I felt as though our friendship really would last. Rozi and Elaine had previously been best friends but upon my arrival, we instantly became a trio.
At first I was closer to Rozi because she was louder and more risky than Elaine. She was always hyper whereas Elaine seemed more relaxed and was much more quieter. Elaine had an unbelievably good skill for listening but Rozi was more like me...much better at talking! The three of us became inseparable, close like sisters, joined at the hip as my mum called us. We arranged to meet on weeknights and weekends constantly. Our phone bills rocketed and I nearly drove my parents insane. We spent more time with each other than we did doing anything else. We rarely met up with other friends, we were happy, just the three of us. So where was the need for others? As time went on my happiness with this friendship seemed to good to continue just as easy, unfortunately I was right.
Weeks later, gossip was flying. Apparently Rozi and I were dating...each other! That was such a shock to more people than we thought. I vividly recall us sitting giggling together in our R.E...

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Uploaded by:   x-aimee-kate-x

Date:   01/31/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   3 pages (706 words)

Views:   2020

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"No Escape"

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