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Mr. Keating an excellent teacher.

Uploaded by cherry27 on Nov 05, 2003

I loved the movie because of the positive emotional feeling which I felt. I completely agree that Mr. Keating was an excellent teacher. The acting was so good, and I became attached to the characters. Robin Williams who is one of my favorite actors does a miraculous job playing Mr. Keating.

The ‘Dead Poets Society” is a movie about an English teacher, Mr. Keating, who is determent to teach the students "free thinking”. Because the main plague of this elite school is “Tradition. Discipline. Honor. Excellence,” everything is done the same. The boys learn what they have to learn, without exploring all the other possibilities. The students are basically cooped up in very typical classrooms with very strict teaching. They are shocked at Mr. Keating's new way of teaching, but in time start to respect him. The other teachers and parents didn’t like his ways of teaching. A few students found out he was a member of a secret group called the Dead Poet's Society while he attended the school. Some of the boys asked him about it, and afterwards decided to re-open the club again. The young people find an interest in poetry and other things besides history and chemistry. The story ended very tragically, but as at the same time I felt that humanity still was above cruelty.

The movie Dead Poet’s Society contains many typical characters which exist in our society. These characters change because of their teacher, Mr. Keating. He teaches his students many lessons, but his main lesson is Carpe Diem, or seize the day. Knox, Todd, and Neil take this teaching to heart and allow it to change their lives. They are dynamic young boys who overcome their fear and seize the day. Due to the lessons of Mr. Keating the three undermentioned teenagers made attempts of own decision considerations.

Knox seizes the day by overcoming his fear of love and the fear of pursuing Chris. He was able to go against the threat from Chet Danberry by calling her and asking her out. To show his feelings Knox also writes a poem to Chris. She does not seem to really care for Knox until they go to the play together. At the play Knox forgets about all of his fear and decides to either be accepted or rejected by Chris. Chris does accept him and his risks were rewarded. It is...

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Uploaded by:   cherry27

Date:   11/05/2003

Category:   Film

Length:   3 pages (748 words)

Views:   6956

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Mr. Keating an excellent teacher.

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