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Meno : Humans Can Become Virtuous

Uploaded by kyra666 on Mar 15, 2002

Before reading the Meno I thought I had a clear definition of exactly what virtue meant. Once I read the dialogue I realized that I only have an idea of what virtue and being virtuous means. I definitely think that it has many aspects to it, including moderation, justice, effort, patience, knowledge and being able to live peacefully with others. I believe that virtue is something that everyone has their own meaning for, yet everyone’s meanings go along the same lines. Since virtue is more complex than most parts of life and thought, I do not necessarily believe that virtue could be taught to Meno or anyone else in society for that matter, however I do believe that over time any person has is within themselves to be a virtuous person. I also believe that to become virtuous through life you need willingness, positive examples and many good and bad experiences.

First of all, part of life that one must posses at some point to become virtuous is the will to be a good person. Throughout the Meno, although Meno does give his own ideas of what virtue may be, he does agree with Socrates quite often. This shows that he is open-minded and is willing to learn about what virtue could be and how he can become virtuous, as though Socrates has all the answers. Meno understands that Socrates is a wise man and I am sure Meno feels like he could learn something from him. Meno also discussed the possibilities of what virtue is for quite a while with Socrates but kept on until he ended the conversation, even after having shown frustration with Socrates by comparing him to a broad torpedo fish. Some may say he is not showing willingness by only giving short answers to Socrates’ questions. However, I see those short answers more as eagerness to hear more of what Socrates has to say. For example on page 29, Meno and Socrates were discussing the difference between knowledge and true opinion when Socrates speculated that someone with a right onion would succeed as long as his opinion is correct. Here, Meno says “.. And it makes me wonder Socrates, this being the case, why knowledge is prized far more highly than right onion, and why they are different.” To acknowledge what Meno stated, Socrates asks, “Do you know why you wonder, or shall I tell you?”...

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Uploaded by:   kyra666

Date:   03/15/2002

Category:   Literature

Length:   9 pages (2,049 words)

Views:   2168

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Meno : Humans Can Become Virtuous

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