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Medical Marijuana

Uploaded by Jiggaman827 on Oct 20, 2004

Medical Marijuana

The scientific name for marijuana is cannabis sativa, but it is more commonly known as weed, pot, or a handful of other names. “The chemical compounds responsible for the intoxicating and medicinal effects are found mainly in a sticky golden resin exuded from the flowers of the female plant.” (Bakalar p. 1) The issue of whether or not marijuana should be used as and considered a medicine is one that has been prevalent for years. Despite many claims and the negative images of marijuana we are exposed to marijuana has a great medicinal value. Marijuana can be used to repress many of the terrible symptoms and treatment’s side effects of diseases including cancer, aids, and glaucoma. There is evidence dating back over 5,000 years of marijuana being used as a medicine. Studies have also shown that many of the believed negative side effects of marijuana are false or greatly exaggerated
Despite the inclusion of marijuana on the “just say no” list that we are taught from childhood marijuana’s power is great when used as a medicine. “One of the greatest advantages of cannabis as a medicine is its unusual safety. (Randall p. 8) The ratio of lethal dose to effective dose is estimated to be about 20,000: 1. There is no evidence of a case in which marijuana caused death in a human. It is also a fact that marijuana does not disturb any physiological functions or cause damage in any organs when used in therapeutic doses. Another of marijuana’s positive qualities is that it produces very little dependence or tolerance in its users. “There has never been proof that medical use of marijuana has led too habitual use as an intoxicant.” (Randall p. 8)
There first evidence of marijuana being used as a medicine dates back over 5,000 years ago in which it was used to remedy such ailments as malaria, constipation, and rheumatic pains. “Cannabis was used extensively in medicine until the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937.” (Randall p.35) Marijuana could be used today to treat cancer, aids, and glaucoma patients. “When I smoke marijuana I’m living with aids. When I don’t smoke and take tranquilizers and narcotics, I’m dying with aids,” (Randall p. 2) as quoted by an aids patient. The patient also went on...

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Uploaded by:   Jiggaman827

Date:   10/20/2004

Category:   Drugs And Alcohol

Length:   3 pages (720 words)

Views:   2685

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Medical Marijuana

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