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Media’s affect on voters

Uploaded by vovochka1985 on Mar 22, 2005

Voters do not use their opinion because they are affected by the media. Most of the Americans vote for what they see in the newspapers, television, internet, and etc. The media controls people on political issues. American citizens pick the president that the media tells them to do. It is the media controls the nation.
Television, internet, and newspapers are the sources of the mass communication. It is a connection all over the world that informs and influences people. Media’s job is to inform people. Media gives information in order to keep people with changing world. According to The Media and Politics. Media gives us the facts, then allows journalist to give an opinion on certain issues. Media influences uninformed voters in the election. For many American people, media is the only source of information. Voters listen to many different opinions and situations about the politics. It is not easy for voter to go through the lies and the truth and make an informed decision.
Some journalists give untrue stories in order to catch ratings. Some people are making mistake by watching only one source instead of watching more sources of media. Such people base their opinion on one side of the story and luck the other side of the story.

“The media have always played a powerful role in politics.”(The Media and politics, p. 42) According to The Media and politics, the media have a profound influence on voters. Sometimes media has a negative role in elections. The media is misleading the public. We have freedom of the press in America but freedom can do a terrible job. The press cannot be trusted. Public needs a fair press.

According to Review of Press and Politics in the ‘90s, people are very affected by what they see. The politicians on debates are the type of theatrical perfomance. The debate discourages Americans. The media decides the result of elections. Peoples’ vote does not mean much.

Media plays very...

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Uploaded by:   vovochka1985

Date:   03/22/2005

Category:   Politics

Length:   2 pages (365 words)

Views:   1673

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Media’s affect on voters

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