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Uploaded by hokulea on Nov 25, 1999

Setting: The story takes place in Mossflower, a forested area where the animals of Redwall live. It takes place in fantasy times. There are no humans, just animals roam the earth. The Main Characters: The main characters are Mattimeo who is the son of the great warrior mouse of Redwall, Matthias. Matthais is the great warrior of Redwall whose son has been taken captive by Slagar the Cruel. Jess squirrel is a normal Redwall inhabitant whose son has also been taken by Slagar. Orlando the Ax is a huge badger and his daughter Jube has been captured by Slagar. The last main character, Basil Stag Hair, is a veteran foot fighter rabbit who has an enormous appetite. Summary: This is a story of a boy becoming a man. It is told through animals and fantasy. It starts with the animals of Redwall having a peaceful celebration of the new season. Slagar and his evil henchmen came to the celebration disguised as entertainers. They spiked the animals' drinks with a sleeping potion and kidnapped all of the children of Redwall, including Mattimeo, son of the great warrior mouse Matthias. When they awaken they send out a search party to find the children. Matthias, Jess, and Basil discover the trail of the missing children. On their way they met Orlando the Ax who was also looking for his daughter, Jube. They found out that Slagar was kidnapping children and taking them as slaves in a slave train to an unknown realm. They finally caught up to Slagar and were going to rescue their children but were fooled into going into a cave. Slagar then dumped huge rocks over the entrance to the cave. It took the animals days to get out of the cave. Slagar took the slaves to an underground kingdom where they would work for an evil ruler. The slaves were then put in a cell without anything to eat or drink. Matthias and his companions thought they had lost their children forever because they couldn¹t find an entrance to the underground kingdom. Finally, while sitting on a rock, the rock slid away to reveal a staircase into the ground. They went down the staircase and then were attacked by rats. By mistake they found the children who joined with Matthias in fighting the rats. At the end they defeated the rats and the evil emperor. They went home and Mattimeo...

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Uploaded by:   hokulea

Date:   11/25/1999

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (482 words)

Views:   1313

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