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Massive populations meant half my guild was 2

Uploaded by rrtyedia on Dec 21, 2012

The final time I commented on a single time only events I was dismissive and ridiculed taking that approach. The fact is you will discover both top reasons to such as the events and reasons to dislike them. So here’s a thorough hashing out of your issue.

It brings many people together previously. Seeing a giant crowd near you, having your whole guild available as one place to do identical event and talk about it together will be really fun. Certainly it can be a memorable occasion, some might think it over epic. And there's a terrific sense of working together, certainly once the zone was opened for the first time the zerg that rampaged throughout the events became a great deal of fun.

There isn't a reason whatsoever it can’t be arranged to take place again for people who can’t allow it to be. Family obligations, work, time zones, friends and which has a life.

Further, having everyone at one place once during the last day or two is mainly responsible for some epic lag issues. The two first day in Lion’s Arch and today in Southsun it arrived at the stage where I could not use skills, could not see enemies, could not see allies, could not see enemy skill effects, had a terrible frame rate and was disconnected twice. I believe I have to are already rolled over by a low profile mob ten times, hit by invisible poison a six times.

Even more,it during one overflow server as the other half was on another. Neither group was on our home server with the rest in our community. Achievement a great guild or community builder.

The rewards may be great. You will find no-one complaining regarding the rewards they recieved on Sunday. Two exotics, two rares, the accessory and bag. All generous and lifted my spirits and opinion on the event as a whole. I find myself wondering what amount of the rewards are for your meta event and just how much to the once only event. I presume it’s all on one occasion only, it’s rather generous after only a global boss kill.

I didn’t receive my reward from the Miyani scavenger hunt on the first day on account of bugs. Within the second day case went away. On my server the quaggan was stuck in the post, the largos didn’t do just about anything, the sylvari bugged out, plus the asura...

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Uploaded by:   rrtyedia

Date:   12/21/2012

Category:   Poems

Length:   4 pages (883 words)

Views:   2421

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Massive populations meant half my guild was 2

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