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Marijuana: Why Is It Illegal, And What About It Turns People On?

Uploaded by Cupid on Sep 23, 2002

The light smoke fills my lungs as I take a drag from a rolled-up joint. The smoke wafts into the air and I sniff it in. A minute later, I feel light-headed and giddy. Suddenly my friends and I start laughing and giggling for no reason at all. We were what they call, ‘High’. Later, we’re all hungry. They call it “the munchies.”

Now I’ve never smoked marijuana before. Actually, I’ve never smoked anything before. And this situation never happened. But this is what I imagine it’s like, from reading and from watching other people. I know that marijuana is illegal, the hippies used it in the ‘60s and, on the occasion, it is prescribed by a doctor for those with cancer. What I don’t know is why it’s illegal, what else it can be used for to make it legal, and how it could possibly help anyone.

In the beginning, I didn’t know too much. But I figured there would be books on this exact subject. I was right. When our class went to the school library, I immediately took to the computer card catalogue and typed in ‘hemp uses.’ Okaaayy…..that didn’t work. I typed in ‘hemp.’ That didn’t work either. Ah ha! Instead I replaced it with a word I knew would work. Marijuana. The computer catalogue showed me the book, Through A Glass Darkly: Psychological Effects Of Marijuana And Hashish. Now I don’t believe this goes for the uses but at least it goes through the reason why. Why people do it in the first place.

I learned that marijuana’s scientific plant name is Cannabis Sativa. The cannaboid present in the plant is actually responsible for the psychological effects. SUSPENSE! And the percentage of marijuana has increased greatly since the late 1960s. Gee, one may wonder why. All those happenings and be-ins. All of the Freaks would get wasted beyond point of brainless. There are, also, many street names. Great! Now I’ll know what the drop-outs are talking about. Pot, doob, grass, reefer, weed, tea, MJ and maryjane are just some of the popular nicknames. But I want to know what the mixtures are. The plant, I read about, brings about many forms and terms. A joint is just a marijuana cigarette. Kiff is marijuana and tobacco, a roach is butt end of the joint. That’s why they need those roach clips. An A-bomb, (more SUSPENSE), is marijuana. Oh, gross....

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Uploaded by:   Cupid

Date:   09/23/2002

Category:   Drugs And Alcohol

Length:   15 pages (3,456 words)

Views:   2357

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Marijuana: Why Is It Illegal, And What About It Turns People On?

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