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Macedonia through the hystory

Uploaded by makedonija on Jan 13, 2004


*Macedonians should not be recognised as Macedonians as they have been of Greek nationality since 2000BC.

*Macedonians whose language belongs to the Slavic family, must not call themselves Macedonians as 4000 years ago they spoke Greek and today still speak nothing but Greek.

*Macedonia has no right to call itself by this name as Macedonia has always been a region and is today a region of Greece.

*The Serbs believe that Macedonians are misguided country cousins who belong in a Greater Serbia. (Yugoslavia)


*Macedonia was never a region of Greece. On the contrary, Greece was often subject to Macedonia. In 1913, Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria divided Macedonia into three parts. (BALKAN WARS)

*Ancient Macedonians were a distinct European people and proud of their nationality, their customs, their language and their name. The same applies to their descendants today.

*Ancient Macedonians regarded Greeks as neighbours not as kinsmen. The Greeks treated the Macedonians as foreigners ("barbarians") whose native language was Macedonian not Greek.

*Macedonians claimed kinship with the Illyrians, Thracians and Phrygians, not with Greeks.

*Greeks said Macedonians were "barbarians" (a word which means non-Greek)

*Demosthenes, the great Athenian statesman and orator, spoke of the Macedonian King Phillip2 of Macedon as:


"...Not only not Greek, nor related to the Greeks, but not even a barbarian from anyplace that can be named with honours, but a pestilent knave from Macedonia, whence it was never yet possible to buy a decent slave."[Third Phillipic, 31]

*The Macedonian "barbarian’ defeated Greece at the Battle Of Chaeronea in August 338BC. The date is known as the end of Greek history or as The Macedonian Era.

*Alexander The Great spoke Macedonian and was proud of his ethnicity. However the Macedonian language then was not used as a literacy idiom.

The first native written language in Macedonia is the idiom called Macedonian or Old Church Slavonic (Cyrillic Alphabet) and is the basis of all Cyrillic alphabets today.

*Alexander won his empire with 35,000 Macedonians and only 7,600 Greeks and called it the Macedonian Empire not the Greek Empire.

*Today’s republic was created by Josip Broz Tito the anti-fascist leader of Yugoslavia during the 2nd World War who recognised Macedonians as a distinct nationality with their own language and customs.

*The claims by Bulgaria that Macedonians are of Bulgarian ethnicity are entirely false due to the facts that the Tatars a people from the east who invaded the balkans during Byzantine times mixed with the Gypsies and Turks in the Balkans and...

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Uploaded by:   makedonija

Date:   01/13/2004

Category:   European History

Length:   3 pages (632 words)

Views:   1483

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Macedonia through the hystory

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