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Macbeth's Villainy

Uploaded by Ali_Roundabout on Jul 11, 2000

MacBeth’s villainy is shown when he kills his king, friend, and innocent people and usurps the throne but he is not totally evil. His bravery loyalty and honour are qualities to be admired. He’s a man of action and remorse not just an evil villain.

MacBeth’s villainy is shown when he kills Duncan and the king’s guards. MacBeth isn’t a traitor just because he done all this, he is loyal to the king and once he kills Duncan he has a guilty concionse “…He’s here in double trust:/ First I’m his kings man and his subject, / Strong both against the deed; then as his host,” He also has a guilty conscious “This is a sorry night.” MacBeth is also a brave warrior that in his mind doesn’t need to be repaid by the king “In doing it, pays itself.”. Macbeth is also worried about getting caught “…Might be the be-all and the end-all …”and that in Macbeth’s mind, Duncan is a good king “He hath honour’d me of late…”. Macbeth is also not a villain because he only has one flaw, his vaulting ambition “…But only vaulting ambition which o’er-leaps itself,” all villains have many flaws not just one. This is why Macbeth is a traitor all these good points far outweighing the bad.

Macbeth is not a villain because he is a man of regret and remorse he has a guilty conscience. Macbeth regrets hiring the murderers to kill Banquo because he can see Banquo’s ghost and he really wants to take it back because he said, “I am a man again. Pray you sit still”. Macbeth also has remorse for Banquo because he said “Avaunt and quit my sight! / Let the earth hide thee! / Thy bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold; / Thou hast no speculation in those eyes”. With Macbeth feeling remorse for Banquo he can’t be a villain or he wouldn’t have those feelings.

Macbeth’s villainy is shown when he kills Macduffs family and consorts with the witches but Macbeth is also a man of action, brave and daring. Macbeth killed Macduffs family because Macduff fled to England “His wife his babes, and all unfortunate souls”. Macbeth also consorts with witches in this scene to find out what will happen to him and his kingdom “Even till destruction sicken-answer me / To what I ask you.”. Macbeth is not all bad just because he does...

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Uploaded by:   Ali_Roundabout

Date:   07/11/2000

Category:   Macbeth

Length:   3 pages (678 words)

Views:   1996

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