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Macbeth is a Statement of Evil

Uploaded by a_arian on May 13, 2000

Discuss "Macbeth is a statement of evil" (L.C Knights) Do you consider this a fair summary of the play? The character Macbeth is portrayed by Shakespeare as the larger view of evil’s operation in the world. Shakespeare accomplishes this by using a powerful and unsuspecting character such as Macbeth. The audience sees how evil, tempts Macbeth. Furthermore the use of messages addressing to or addressed by, how evil Macbeth is. The Evil inside Macbeth is quite evident; for he commits several murders. Finally, there are certain analogies, which suggest that Macbeth is comparable to Satan. Shakespeare intended on using a hero of good deeds such as Macbeth, as his figure. He is seen as a good advocate of Satan’s evil conduct: for an evil person is one you least expect. Macbeth starts off as a humble man and a saviour of his native soil. After returning from a heroic victory, Ross, a noble Thane, describes what a significant officer Macbeth is for his kingdom: "The king hath happily received, Macbeth, The news of thy success; and when he reads Thy personal venture in the rebel’s fight, His wonders and his praises do contend Which should be thine or his. Silenced with that, In viewing o’er the rest o’th’ selfsame day, He finds thee in the stout Norweyan ranks, Nothing afeard of what thyself didst make, Strange images of death. As thick as hail Came post with post, and every one did bear Thy praises in his kingdom’s great defence, And poured then down before him." [I.iii.89-99]. Macbeth, like any other man, had succumbed to some form of temptation. Shakespeare utilizes him as a model, to show how no matter how strong you may be; even the strongest man can be taken in by evil. When Macbeth came across three witches [I.iii], was tempted by evil, then fell for it. His character, being a solid and heroic one, becomes severed off from his men and his creator [God] for the point that he reached out to evil. Macbeth saw how the only way he could become king, was alternatively taking his own path away from that of God [betraying God, who wrote that his destiny was not to become a king], with the help of Satanic or evil forces to accomplish his inner most desire. The audience sees how a devilish Macbeth is automatically broken off the path of God, as the...

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Uploaded by:   a_arian

Date:   05/13/2000

Category:   Macbeth

Length:   4 pages (959 words)

Views:   1956

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Macbeth is a Statement of Evil

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