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Lord of the Flies

Uploaded by paintball pimp on May 26, 2004

The Lord of the Flies book begins by following a boy named Ralph who is stranded on an island after the plane he was on crashes. He was around 12 years old and was in good physical condition. He wanders around until he finds another boy named Piggy. Piggy is fat, has glasses, asthma, but is also intelligent. When they are walking around they find a conch shell which later comes to symbolize order. Piggy knows that you can blow on it and it makes a loud noise that carries very far. When Ralph blows on it other boys slowly start to come out. A handful of boys around his age and many “littluns”, who’s names we do not learn. They sit down and talk and some introduce themselves. Jack is a red haired boy who seems nice and orderly in the beginning. Sam and Eric are twins. They elect Ralph as chief and come up with rules because “were English, not savages.” Soon they realize they need a way to be rescued and so they use Piggy’s glasses to start a fire. They add on more and more, but they do not contain it and soon large parts of the island are on fire. The first casualty occurs with one of the littluns who had a birth mark. Earlier that littlun had said that he saw a beast that no one took real serious yet.
While they are walking through the woods, Ralph, Jack, and Maurice see a pig caught in some brush and Jack goes to kill it, but delays and the pig escapes. Jack is not ready to kill and never has killed but he feels weak in front of the other and promises that it won’t happen again. Jack becomes obsessed with hunting and begins to resist Ralph. Ralph wants Jack to help with the shelters, which are the huts, but all Jack does is hunt. Part of Jacks choir was in charge of keeping the signal fire going, but he takes them with him on a hunt so that they can surround the pig and fail again. The fire burned out and while it was out a ship had passed not knowing that anyone was on the island. Ralph is made at Jacks...

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Uploaded by:   paintball pimp

Date:   05/26/2004

Category:   Literature

Length:   5 pages (1,173 words)

Views:   1368

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Lord of the Flies

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