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Literary Analysis Essay- “Mother and Daughter -Growing Up”

Uploaded by strikexp on Dec 22, 2021

Literary Analysis Essay
“Mother and Daughter” “Growing Up”

In families relationships can be difficult or easy to understand. In the two stories “Mother and Daughter” and “Growing Up” both have a mother and a child. In one story the child and parent have trouble understanding each other, and in the other, the parent and the child are the opposite and they support each other.
In the story “Mother and Daughter” Yollie and her mother, Mrs.Moreno, have a very supportive and comedic relationship because they had fun together and Yollies mother is always trying to help out her daughter. In the text it states,”We can color your dress so it looks brand new” In the text it also states, “Despite their jokes, mother and daughter usually got along” This shows Yollie and her mother had a supportive because, despite not having the money, Mrs.Moreno still tried to think what she was able to put in place as a substitute for Yollie’s dress. Yollie’s mother did her best of what she could do and supported Yollie and dyed her dress for her. I say their relationship is comedic because they pulled jokes and pranks on each other which in a way made their bond as a mother and daughter stronger.
In the story “Growing Up” Maria and her dad had a very troubled relationship because they did not understand each other and they kept fighting. In the text it states, “She got up and walked away and when he yelled for her to come back, she ignored him.” In the text it also states, “Dad I am not going this year.” One more thing the text states is, “I work all year and if I want to go on vacation, then I go. And my family goes too.” This proves they were troubled because Maria did not want to go on vacation with her family but her father wanted her to go. They were having difficulties understanding each others point of view of why they did or did not want to go. Instead of asking each other why they feel like they should or should not go on vacation they argued.
At the end of the day, the lesson we learn is that sometimes parenting or being a child can be difficult. In both stories “Mother and Daughter” and “Growing up” at one point the parent and child did...

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Uploaded by:   strikexp

Date:   12/22/2021

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (435 words)

Views:   2657

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Literary Analysis Essay- “Mother and Daughter -Growing Up”

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