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Uploaded by kezibaba on Aug 16, 2005

The word life takes on an abundance of different definitions and interpretations based on individual believes and opinions. Life can best be defined as the series of physical and mental experiences that an individual endures and faces during his/her life span. To me, life consists of particular values; social, personal, and family. These three values interrelate throughout every being’s life cycle, and are constantly challenged and questioned on a daily basis. Family values consist of commitments and obligations towards parents, siblings, and extended family. For example, my parents took care of me during my youth; hence I will take care of them when they are in need of assistance. Family values are extremely important in the early stages of life, because family values enable youths to begin to comprehend the many vast experiences of life. Growing up with good family values also helps prepare an individual for the two other major sections of life, social and personal values. Social values are based upon time spent among friends and individuals of society. Going out to dinner with a group of friends is an excellent form of social interaction. Social values prove to be more enjoyable, relaxing, and less serious than the other values, because social values are meant to be pleasurable. Personal values are the most crucial and time consuming elements amongst the other three values. Being individuals with unlimited needs and wants, our personal values dictate the majority of the decisions and ultimately the outcomes of those decisions. Individual values range from personal hair care, to wanting to attend a prestigious college. In my opinion, a perfect life has a proportionate balance between all three values; distinguishing each value as important as the other. Spending equal time between each value will create a perfectly well-rounded individual.

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Uploaded by:   kezibaba

Date:   08/16/2005

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   1 pages (297 words)

Views:   1349

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