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Just needed to vent some more

Uploaded by yoshi on Jul 29, 2002

You ever wonder why black people get such special treatment in this country? Some whites, most other races fear the black person. They all believe that if they say something, or do something to offend a black person that they will either get shot, or beat up or something. America has made a great effort trying to say that the blacks are the most important in the country. All you ever hear is my ancestors were slaves, slaves for a white man who beat the hell out of him. To that, I just say shut up…get over yourself, and “quitcher bitchen.”

White people were the first slaves anyway, the early European upper class had their own slaves, white people, the slaves were just white people who weren’t lucky enough to have been born into a rich family. But anyway, this is besides the point, this essay is me bitching about all the whining and complaining that Negroes do. You know slavery in America wasn’t just in the south it was all over the country, plus the civil war wasn’t all about slavery. The southern states were upset that the north was just trying to change the way they lived. Once, again, besides the point. I’ve been thinking to myself and I thought this was kind of ironic. Whenever a black person hears the word(s) civil war, slavery, and nigger they just get their panties in a bundle. “My ancestors were slaves what right do you have to talk about them that way.” Shut up, is exactly what I want to say. I was thinking about Jews, 6 million of their “ancestors” died in the holocaust, and you don’t hear the bitching complaining and starting riots over this. Blacks were never persecuted this much, Hitler almost inialated the whole race of Jews in Germany, Poland and surrounding countries, and blacks have the freaking gull to sit and bitch about 150 year of slavery. Jews were almost eliminated from the earth in close to 5 years. Seems to me that 5 years is certainly a lot less than 150 and yet they are complaining about it half as much as blacks. When you see a black guy get beat on tv by police, they get their panties in a bundle again because they think that just cause they are black that they are going to get to have Johnny Cochran defend them...

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Uploaded by:   yoshi

Date:   07/29/2002

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   3 pages (611 words)

Views:   1236

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Just needed to vent some more

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