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Julius Caesar - Friendship Theme

Uploaded by Admin on Feb 11, 2001

William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, the theme of friendship would prove to be a very delicate and manipulative element. This element would be the very entity that would seal Julius Caesar’s fate. Brutus, Decius, and all the other conspirators would use this to their power, and to Julius’s weakness. Friendship was used as a cover to blind Julius from the truth, from the plots against him. Flattery along with manipulation was used as a way of persuasion to soothe any feelings of doubt or weariness. These essentials would gain trust , the key to all friendships. This trust would be lost and transform into betrayal. Even though Caesar was plotted against and murded by the likes of Brutus and Cassius, friendship still proved a strong theme because it would falsify the conspirators intents. Julius was susceptible to the power of friendship and was blinded by the shrewd ways of Decius, Brutus, and all the other conspirators.

Decius uses flattery and persuasion to form a strong union with Caesar. Decius is an active member of the Conspirators so he is very motivated into getting Caesar to go to the Senate House. The first thing that Decius says when he walks into Caesar's house is "Caesar, all hail! Good morrow, worthy Caesar." Decius would also refer to Caesar as "most mighty". This would only make Caesar grow comfortable with Decius. Julius had lost all feelings of doubt and did not presume any caste of dire plot against him. Decius would deceive Julius into thinking that they had a resilient friendship by using his devious words. Caesar was not able to foresee his true faithful friends, such as Antony. He would mourn the killing of Julius and try to justify his murder by killing Brutus and Cassius. Antony was one of Julius’s true and trustworthy friends.

The conspirators had premeditated the death of Julius. Brutus and Cassius, along with Decius, knew they had lure Caesar close. Proving Caesar that they had a stout friendship, that would solidify their situation and leave Julius completely sightless to his doomed fate. Caesar’s wife Calphurnia would have a dream. She would see Caesar’s statue run with blood and men with swords surrounding him. This event would alarm Julius making him weary. Decius would asses Calphurnia's dream. Using his quick wit, he would distort Calphurnia's foreshadowing dream by stating that it was simply miss-interpreted. He explains that the dream "Signifies...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   02/11/2001

Category:   Julius Caesar

Length:   3 pages (750 words)

Views:   2711

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Julius Caesar - Friendship Theme

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