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Japan - Breif History from WWII

Uploaded by jester_828 on May 29, 2001

Without a good history, no nation can ever be considered developed. It is the history that makes or breaks a country. Japans history is very unique. During and after WWII their country was in ruins - literally. All their previous allies had deserted them, they were alone and destroyed by the Americans, an unlikely ally. I will focus on the impacts that America had on Japan, and then how Japan got themselves to the title of "The Second Most Developed Country".

In 1941 Japan station troops in Indo-China (Vietnam) after forming an alliance with Germany and Italy. The Americans did not approve of this, and cut off exports to Japan. Japan was not happy about this and attacked Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile Japan were also attacking Southern Asia, and expanded their land to the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The US declared war on Japan and were burning for revenge. In the coming years Japan was bombed heavily and were pushed back into their origonal land. Japans cities were being torn down. Then came the final blow, two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, one in Hiroshima, the other in Nagasaki. Both of them combined killed an estimated 105,000 people. Japan finally surrendered.

The Americans called "The Occupation" invaded Japan and made them give back all the land not owned by them before the war. Then, led by General Douglas MacArthur, they helped Japan do many things;

  • write a new constitution that was fairer to everyone,
  • Create a better trade union.
  • Reform the educational system so it was no longer bias to nationalism.

    Finally they helped to rebuild industry and commerce. This was the most helpful to Japan because the US government gave the Japanese government thousands of millions of dollars. America rebuilt factories and industries with the latest levels of technology, better than their own pre-war factories. They gave them advice and encouragement. Between 1945 and 1950 MacArthur and the Occupation did what they could to rebuild the Japanese economy. It was as if the Americans felt sorry for the Japanese. Then in June 1950, as if on cue, the Korean war broke out and the UN needed goods and services from Japan. The Americans helped Japan until pre-war levels of industrialisation were acheived.

    Then exceeded.

    There were massive changes from 1950-1990. Heavy industry was thriving, aluminium production increased 36-fold, paper manufacture 27-fold. Also trade was booming, in 1935 the government had a $41 million...

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    Uploaded by:   jester_828

    Date:   05/29/2001

    Category:   History

    Length:   2 pages (446 words)

    Views:   2048

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