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Jane Eyre - Violence

Uploaded by Admin on Jul 02, 1999

Discuss Charlotte Brontë's use of violence, in the text Jane Eyre, that captures the reader's attention in relation to scenes, settings and characterisations?

The author of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë, uses depictions of mental, physical and natural violence throughout the text to interest the reader and create springboards towards more emotional and dramatic parts of the novel. By doing this, Brontë not only uses violence to capture the reader's attention, but also leads the reader on an interesting journey throughout the book. This violence is raised through three particular things that include the following. Scenes, such as the burning down of Mr. Rochester's house by Bertha and the fight between Jane and her cousin John. Settings that include the Red Room in which Jane Eyre is locked in as a child and the Attic in which Bertha Mason is locked. Also Characterisations of Bertha, Mrs. Reed and to some extent Jane herself shed light on the use of violence.

Charlotte Brontë uses violence throughout the book to keep the reader interested and at the same time creating a springboard for emotional and dramatical scenes. The first instance of this occurs when Jane is very young and she quarrels physically and verbally with her cousin John. This leads to Jane being locked up in the Red Room, which her uncle died in, and her transfer to Lowood, which is an institution for orphaned children. Here Brontë characterised violence through John by him attacking Jane, and Mrs. Reed by her locking Jane up in the Red Room. The room being red is also significant in the use of violence, as not only has someone died in it, but also the colour red is usually associated with violence and anger.
John's violent dominance towards Jane, (pg. 17, Chapter 1, Volume 1), and Mrs. Reed locking her up in a room, (pg. 18, Chapter 1, Volume 1), thus causing her to faint through fear, is indeed a means of interesting readers. Through this violence, Jane then proceeds to Lowood.

At Lowood she wins the friendship of everyone there, but her life is difficult because conditions are poor at the school. Dominated by Mr. Brocklehurst, Jane feels intimidated and the text begins to lose its violent nature, including its interest. Jane begins to make friends and the reader believes that there is no more violence throughout the book. All up until typhus kills many of the students. Here the...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   07/02/1999

Category:   Jane Eyre

Length:   4 pages (934 words)

Views:   2838

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Jane Eyre - Violence

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