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Israel- Between two loyalties

Uploaded by mr_vidal on May 16, 2004

Israel-The only Jewish country in the middle east and the world. I am- Ely Vidal- A jewish man and a citizen of Israel- can describe the situation of my country between two loyalties.I will start in discribing the General position of this Essay. Our first loyalty is for the Jewish people-Israel is a shelter for us- and we have to be loyal to it- as the only jewish country in the world. Our second loyalty is for the modern-democratic world. Israel is a part from the modern world and stands for democracy. you peobably ask now what is the point- and the essay will explain it.

The Jewish Law (Thora) Is not Democratic at all It has a very strong meaning but it is very cruel to. For example: a woman who slept with a man before a wedding - must die if she will not marry him in a week- even if he raped her. The modern law for the human writes wull not agree to it. Israel- as an independent country could follow this jewish law- but we understood that we have to be part of the western democratic world- so we followed the human rights. In other cases: according to the Jewish law- man and woman must mary under a Hupa (jewish canopy. Therefor civilain marriage is illegal in Israel.

Till Now- you saw that there are cases we follow the human rights- and there are cases we follow the Thora. it is not easy because the decision is very hard. From one side- the world wants us to follow hom- and from other side- a big part of our citizens want us to follow the Thora. But there are cases that we follow both. For example: "thou shalt not kill", "thou shalt not steal",Etc.

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Uploaded by:   mr_vidal

Date:   05/16/2004

Category:   Politics

Length:   1 pages (299 words)

Views:   2291

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Israel- Between two loyalties

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