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Invasion Of Normandy/ D-Day

Uploaded by Scrplyr86 on Sep 16, 2002

On June 6, 1944 the largest amphibious assault in history took place. On the morning of the Invasion of Normandy, beaches in the area of Cotentin, France, were bombarded with over 5,000 tons of bombs, destroying anti-invasion equipment and de-mining many areas. The official British history says: “Never has any coast suffered what a tortured strip of French coast suffered that morning.” Following the bombardment over 100,000 soldiers swam ashore (Normandy), and 11,700 paratroopers were dropped (D-Day) to secure Normandy Beach.

The casualties for the invasion were extensive. Five thousand, four hundred and thirty-six paratroopers were either killed or wounded (D-Day). Fifty-seven thousand prisoners were taken and only 4,000 French and 2,700 American lives were lost (Kemp). After two months of battle, Allied troops marched into Normandy on August 24th, 1944 (5). The Invasion of Normandy not only was the turning point of the World War II, but also directly led to the liberation of Western Europe from the Nazi regime.

Deception of the Germans was an important factor in the preparations for D-Day. Although the actual attack was to take place near Cotentin, German forces were misled into believing that the attack was to take place at Pas de Calais. First, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, created a mythical 1st Army Group, which would be based in Dover, just across the channel from Pas de Calais. An array of inflatable tanks and vehicles were placed in Dover, and a harbor containing an armada of inflatable rafts was constructed in the area. In command of the phantom 1st Army group was Patton, the Allied General for whom the Germans held the highest regard. Known enemy spies were informed of the supposed state of Patton’s forces. Naval maneuvers were performed off the area’s coast by the allies, and radio trafficking was manipulated so that German intelligence would suspect a major military force was organizing. Before the invasion, more bombs were dropped on Pas de Calais than anywhere else off the coast of France. By the time the invasion took place, the German’s were so convinced that the invasion would take place at Pas de Calais that even after a few hours of the Normandy invasion they still believed the main invasion would be there. Because of these efforts, 19 enemy divisions did nothing on the day of the attack (Normandy).

The efforts of the French Resistance also helped make...

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Uploaded by:   Scrplyr86

Date:   09/16/2002

Category:   World War II

Length:   7 pages (1,678 words)

Views:   2913

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Invasion Of Normandy/ D-Day

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